Jacques Coursil Discography

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French Free Jazz trumpeter turned Linguistics professor.

Sunny Murray
ESP 1032

recorded July 23, 1966: New York City
Coursil, Jacques (tr), Graham, Jack (as), Lancaster, Byard (as), Murray, Sunny (drm), Silva, Alan (ab)

1) Phase (1,2,3,4) SMurray 9:45
2) Hilariously SMurray 10:22
3) Angels & Devils JGraham 11:30
4) Giblet SMurray 8:34

Jacques Coursil Unissued session
ESP 1062 (unissued)

recorded 1967: New York City
Ali, Rashied (drm), Brown, Marion (as), Coursil, Jacques (tr), unknown bassist (probably Reggie Johnson)

[Information on this session was obtained from the Marion Brown Discography]

Frank Wright Your Prayer
ESP 1053

recorded May 1967: RLA Sound Studios, New York City
Ali, Mohamed (drm), Coursil, Jacques (tr), Jones, Arthur (as), Tintweiss, Steve (ab), Wright, Frank (ts)

1) The Lady AJones 9:04
2) Train Stop FWright 7:32
3) No End FWright 6:49
4) Fire of Spirits FWright 12:31
5) Your Prayer FWright 15:42

Bill Dixon University of the Streets Orchestra
Unissued/Private tape

recorded 1968: New York City
Buckingham, John (tuba), Burtis, Sam (trom), Chamberlain, Dave (fl ss), Chiasson, Warren (vib), Clark Sonny (bs),
Coursil, Jacques (tr), Dixon, Bill (tr), Doyle, Arthur (ts), Dunbar, Richard (frhorn), Elrauch, Susan (voc), Jones, Leo (tr), Rivers, Sam (ss ts), Simmons, Sonny (enghorn), Thornton, Clifford (corn), Waters, Monty (b#-ss), Watts, Marzette (bcl), Whittaker, Wesley (trom), Witlarge, Leopanar (as), unknown bassist (probably Art Davis)

1) Large Orchestra Piece 1 BDixon 29:00
2) V + VI rehearsal reel BDixon 17:50
3) "XP" BDixon 18:00
4) "XY" BDixon 17:20

"XP" and "XY" slated for inclusion on Deutsche Grammophon Avant-garde LP (unissued).
[Information on this session was obtained from Dixonia, a Bio-Discography by Ben Young]

Burton Greene Aquariana
BYG 529 308

recorded June 9, 1969: Studio Saravah, Paris, France
Coursil, Jacques (tr #1), Delcloo, Claude (drm), Gewissler, Dieter (ab), Greene, Burton (ap), Guérin, Beb (ab), Jones, Arthur (as), Malherbe, Didier (fl shenai #2)

1) Aquarius Suite BGreene 10:24
2) From "Out of Bartok" BGreene 5:10
3) Two-One-Two Vibrations BGreene 19:20

Jacques Coursil Black Suite
BYG 529 349, America 30 AM 6111

recorded June 10, 1969: Paris, France
Braxton, Anthony (bcl ss), Coursil, Jacques (tr), Delcloo, Claude (drm perc), Greene, Burton (ap), Guérin, Beb (ab), Jones, Arthur (as)

1) Black Suite JCoursil 31:00

Jacques Coursil Way Ahead
BYG 529 319

recorded July 7-8, 1969: Studio Saravah, Paris, France
Coursil, Jacques (tr), Delcloo, Claude (drm), Guérin, Beb (ab), Jones, Arthur (as)

1) Duke JCoursil 7:35
2) Fidel JCoursil 10:03
3) Paper BDixon 18:45

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