Alan Shorter Discography

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Older brother to Wayne.

Archie Shepp — Four For Trane
Impulse A-71

recorded August 10, 1964: Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Moffett, Charles (drm), Rudd, Roswell (trom), Shepp, Archie (ts), Shorter, Alan (flug), Tchicai, John (as), Workman, Reggie (ab)

1) Syeeda's Song Flute — JColtrane 8:25
2) Mr. Syms — JColtrane 7:56
3) Cousin Mary — JColtrane 7:10
4) Naima — JColtrane 7:10
5) Rufus — AShepp 6:22

New York Art Quartet — Call It Art
Triple Point

recorded October 31, 1964: loft of Marzette Watts, New York, NY
Graves, Milford (cong, drm), Moses, JC (drm #1), Rudd, Roswell (trom), Shorter, Alan (tr), Tchicai, John (as), Worrell, Lewis (ab)

1) Uh-Oh — collective improvisation 26:58
2) Ballad Theta — JTchicai 10:08

Note: Alan Shorter does not appear on the rest of this 5-LP boxed set.

Wayne Shorter — The All Seeing Eye
Blue Note BST 84219

recorded October 15, 1965: Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Carter, Ron (ab), Chambers, Joe (drm), Hancock, Herbie (ap), Hubbard, Freddie (tr flug),
Moncur III, Grachan (trom), Shorter, Alan (flug), Shorter, Wayne (ts), Spaulding, James (as)

1) The All Seeing Eye — Shorter 10:32
2) Genesis — WShorter 11:44
3) Chaos — WShorter 6:55
4) Face of the Deep — WShorter 5:29
5) Mephistopheles — AShorter 9:41

Note: Alan Shorter only appears on Mephistopheles

Marion Brown — Marion Brown Quartet
ESP 1022; Fontana SFJL.930 (UK); BASE ESPS 1022; ESP BT-5008 (JP); ESP 4011 (CD)

recorded November 1965
Ali, Rashied (drm), Brown, Marion (as), Boykins, Ronnie (ab #3), Johnson, Reggie (ab), Maupin, Bennie (ts #3), Shorter, Alan (tr)

1) Capricorn Moon — MBrown 23:02
2) 27 Cooper Square — MBrown 3:53
3) Exhibition — MBrown 17:59
4) Mephistopheles — AShorter18:41

Note: According the original ESP release, Maupin appears on "Exhibition". The BASE reissue (as well as the later ZYX CD reissue) lists "Exhibition"; However, this track is seemingly Alan Shorter's "Mephistopheles" with no reference to the Brown track found on the original issue. The lineup for this track is Rashied Ali (drm), Ronnie Boykins (ab), Marion Brown (as), Alan Shorter (tr). In 2006, ESP reissued the entire album with all four tracks. Track information is from that CD issue.

Marion Brown — Juba-Lee
Fontana 881 012 ZY (NL); Fontana SFON 7091 (J); Fontana SFON 7080 (J); Fontana/Nippon Phonogram 195J-24 (J) Phonogram 195J-25 (J)

recorded November 1966: New York City Brown, Marion (as), Burrell, Dave (ap), Harris, Beaver (drm), Johnson, Reggie (ab), Maupin, Bennie (ts), Moncur III, Grachan (trom), Shorter, Alan (tr flug)

1) 512 East — (MBrown) 15:37
2) The Visitor — (MBrown) 9:13
3) Juba-Lee — (MBrown) 12:31
4) Iditus — (AShorter) 12:15

Note: Originally entitled The Visitor

Alan Shorter — Orgasm
Verve V6-8768; Released as Parabolic in UK as Polydor 2304060

recorded September 23-27, November 6, 1968: A&R Recording, New York City
Ali, Muhammed (drm #1 & #6), Ali, Rashied (drm) #2-5), Barbieri, Gato (ts), Haden, Charlie (ab #1 & #6),
Johnson, Reggie (ab #2-5), Shorter, Alan (flug tambourine on #4)

1) Parabola — AShorter 13:09
2) Joseph — AShorter 3:09
3) Straits of Blagellan — AShorter 6:20
4) Rapids — AShorter 10:29
5) Outeroids — AShorter 4:09
6) Orgasm — AShorter 11:18

Archie Shepp — Pitchin' Can
America 30 AM 6106

recorded November 9, 1969 & July 23, 1970: Paris, France
Ali, Muhammed (drm #1), Beau, Chicago (voc #2), Bowie, Lester (tr #1), Djibrill (cong #1), Few, Bobby (ap #1), Finn, Julio (harm #2), Freeman, Earl (ab #2), Howard, Noah (as #2), Jenkins, Leroy (vla #2), Murray, Sunny (drm #2), Reid, Bob (ab #1), Shepp, Archie (ts ss), Shorter, Alan (flug #1), Thornton, Clifford (trom tr), Warner, Ostainer Blue (perc #1)

1) Uhuru (Dawn of Freedom) — AShepp
2) Pitchin' Can — CMassey

Archie Shepp — Full Moon Ensemble Live at Antibes
BYG 529 338/339

recorded 1969: Antibes, France
Dejean, Joseph (eg), Delcloo, Claude (drm), Guérin, Beb (ab), Shepp, Archie (ts poetry), Shorter, Alan (tr), Thornton, Clifford (trom)

Vol. 1—
1) The Early Bird — AShepp

Vol. 2—
1) Huru — AShepp

Archie Shepp — Coral Rock
America 30 AM 6103; Prestige P-10066

recorded July 23, 1970: Studio Decca, Paris, France
Ali, Mohammed (drm), Djibrill (cong drm), Few, Bobby (ap), Jarman, Joseph (tr) Reid, Bob (ab), Shepp, Archie (ts ap), Shorter, Alan (flug), Thornton, Clifford (trom) Warner, Ostaine Blue (perc)

1) Coral Rock — AShorter 21:55
2) I Should Care — Cahn/Stordahl/Weston 14:05

Archie Shepp — Doodlin'
Carson UPS-570; Inner City IC 1001

recorded 1970
Ali, Muhammed (Drm), Reid, Bob (ab), Shepp, Archie (ap), Shorter, Alan (flug)

1) Sweet Georgia Brown — Pinkard/Bernie/Casey
2) Doodlin' — HSilver
3) Invitation — MDennis
4) Worried About You — AShepp
5) If You Could See Me Now — TDameron
6) More Than You Know — Youmans/Eliscu
7) Coral Rock — AShorter

Note: Alan Shorter and Muhammed Ali appear only on Worried About You

Alan Silva's Celestrial Communications Orchestra — Seasons
BYG 529 342/343/344

recorded December 29, 1970: Studio 104, Maison de l'O.R.T.F, Paris, France
Aebi, Irene (cell, celeste), Beer, Ronnie (ts ss fl), Bowie, Lester (tr flug), Burrell, Dave (ap), Carter, Kent (cell), Cooper, Jerome (drm perc bronte), Favors, Malachi (ab), Few, Bobby (ap), Gewissler, Dieter (e-vln), Guérin, Beb (ab), Jarman, Joseph (fl bass), Johnson, Oliver (tymp perc), Kenyatta, Robin (as fl), Kuhn, Joachim (ap), Lacy, Steve (ss), Minor, Jouck (e-vla), Mitchell, Roscoe (as ts fl ob), Moye, Don (drm perc), Portal, Michel (as cl), Shorter, Alan (tr), Silva, Alan (ab e-vln, e-sarangi, bow, electro-acoustical spring), Vitet, Bernard (tr frhorn)

1) Seasons — ASilva

Francois Tusques — Intercommunal Music
Shandar 10.010; Victor RCA 6097 (JP)

recorded May 11, 1971: Paris, France
Armfield, Louis (perc), Guérin, Beb (ab), Murray, Sunny (drm), Reid, Bob (ab), Potts, Steve (as), Shorter, Alan (tr), Silva, Alan (cell), Tusques, Francois (ap ag saw voc perc),

1) Intercommunal Music — FTusques 29:28
2) Song for Erika Huggins — FTusques 08:02

Alan Shorter — Tes Esat
America 30 AM 6118

recorded 1971: London, England
Augustus, Renee (drm bells), Dyani, Johnny (ab ap fl bells), Shorter, Alan (tr), Windo, Gary (el-ts)

1) Disposition (part one) — AShorter 20:30
2) Disposition (part two) — AShorter 6:00
3) Beast of Bash — AShorter 3:10
4) One Million Squared — AShorter 8:10

John Jeremy — Jazz is Our Religion
KAY Video Jazz 018KJ

1972 United Kingdom
50 min, b/w, mono.
A distillation in images, words and music of the jazz life, with photographs by Valerie Wilmer.
Music by:
1) Johnny Griffin (ts), Dizzy Reece (tr), Ignatius Quail (ap), Coleridge Goode (ab), Terri Quaye (cong), Rudi Henderson (drm), Jon Hendricks (voc)

That΄s enuff
Now΄s the time
Dean St. Blues
Alone again
Jaygee blues

2) Big band tracks by the Clarke-Boland Band with Alan Shorter (tr), Lol Coxhill (ss)

3) Drum tracks by Art Blakey, Sunny Murray, Kenny Clare, and Guy Warren.

4) Jazz poems by Langston Hughes and Ted Joans, read by the latter.

With the voices of Rashied Ali, Art Blakey, Marion Brown, Kenny Clare, Andrew Cyrille, Bill Evans, Jimmy Garrison, Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny Griffin, Jo Jones, Jon Hendricks, Blue Mitchell, Sunny Murray, Dewey Redman, Guy Warren and Eddie Gomez.

[Information on this film was obtained from "Marion Brown Discography by Hugo De Craen and Eddy Janssens" from the Marion Brown Discography]

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